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The "Summer Nights" is a two-sided (flippable) mattress set from Spring Air that is part of its Back Supporter line. Michigan Discount Mattress stocks it at the lowest price of all retailers. The silk blend side is there to cool you during hot months and the cashmere/wool blend side keeps you warm when it's cold outside. Zoned pocket coils provide the support that you need and their special Perfect Support foam adds a great feeling of softness.

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Four Seasons Summer Nights

Sad news: This model has been discontinued.

BUT WAIT! We probably have a new model just like it, or even better. Please call to find out

Mattress Scale
semi firm mattress
Approx. Height of Mattress: 10"

This Mattress Features:



Seasonal Specific Fabric (cashmere/wool or silk blend)
1 oz. FR Fiber
1.25" Perfect Support Foam

Mattress(Top Side)
1/2" Cotton Densified Endura Padding
1/2" Perfect Support Endura Foam
netted insulator

Foam Encasement
600 Series 14 GA zoned Back Supporter Coils
(head-to-toe laced inner spring)
Netted Insulator

Mattress (Bottom Side)
netted insulator
1/2" Cotton Densified Endura Padding
1/2" Perfect Support Endura Foam

1.25" Perfect Support Foam
1 oz. FR Fiber
Seasonal Specific Fabric (cashmere/wool or silk blend)

optional matching Spring Air zoned wood foundation

10 Total Years (10 full)

Four Seasons Summer Nights

Now this is a mattress set that stands out! My favorite Spring Air product, the Four Seasons
"Summer Nights" is designed to keep you cool during the hot months and warm you up during the cold! Why most other companies haven't assisted us with such a concept is beyond me but I'm happy to see such ingenuity!

It isn't just the temperature control that I like about this mattress. To put it simply, it's the feel. There's something about the Back Supporter line's construction that balances comfort and support quite wonderfully. Perhaps it's the way in which Spring Air zones its coils. Maybe it's the endura padding and foam. Whatever it is, you will be delighted with the back support that the name indicates but you won't have to give up on softness completely.

If you too like what you see and read about Spring Air's mattresses but prefer a softer feel, here's a great model to have a look at: Spring Air Back Supporter - Divine - Pocket Coil Mattress Set



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Measure all 4 sides of your mattress and bed frame before ordering.
We recommend you order the mattress 1 inch smaller than the space it is meant to fill. This will leave extra room for sheets, blankets, and variations in production size. Some people like a larger gap to really have room for your hands to reach down and change sheets easily. Please note that production size is not guaranteed to be exact. Most models are built within ±0.5 inches but the difference can be larger, especially on innerspring models. Custom mattresses are hand made by a factory worker who will take a standard mattress, then shorten it to your size. With the way spring coils are shaped, they will not work when cut in half, so an entire row of springs must be removed to modify mattress sizes. As each row is removed, the bed size changes by 1-2 inches, so your bed may not come exactly the size you order.

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Common Questions

What if it doesn't fit?
We will never ship out a mattress that exceeds the size you have ordered without contacting you first to check if the extra size will cause an issue. Since these are custom made for you they can not be returned, so please be careful when taking measurements. On some bed sets, the box spring will be a different size than the mattress so you will need to measure both pieces. Also, since beds are often set up not perfectly square, you will need to measure all four sides of the bed to find the correct size. Be sure to check for boards or bolts that might protrude in to the mattress area and order your pieces small enough to fit inside of these protrusions.
What sizes are available?
Any size is available upon request but with most models you are limited to being smaller than a King mattress. If you need an odd size bigger than a King, here are some models that can be supersized. Please call us to find out what prices would be.
Can I really order any size and shape?
At this time, with only 1 exception (found here), we only distribute 4-sided rectangular mattresses with no special notches cut from the corners. The size can be as large as a king, so up to 76" wide and up to 84" long. If you need an odd size bigger than a king, please call us to find out what models are available. You can also order a custom mattress small enough to fit in a baby's crib. Mattresses are formed by rows of metal springs and since springs cannot work if cut in half, your mattress core will be sized in 1-2 inch increments. This means that if you order 47x63 it will be built between 46x62 to 48x64 but most of the time it will come within 0.5 inches of the requested size. Please let us know how precise your size must be.
What about the box spring?
It is very important to measure the size of your box separate from your mattress because in many older bed sets, the box was made slightly smaller than the mattress. The length and width of solid foundation box springs can be custom made to fit exact dimensions. The thickness can not be customized but boxes are available in several standard thicknesses ranging from 4.5-9 inches.
How soon will my mattress arrive?
Once your order is paid for, a specialist from Michigan Discount Mattress will call you on the phone to verify your sizes and delivery information. Production will begin and usually takes 3-6 days. After production, the mattress will then be packaged at the warehouse within 48 hours to protect it during shipping to your home. Shipping takes 2-8 days depending on the destination city. The combination of producing, packing and delivering means that you should receive your mattress within 1-3 weeks of the day you order. Our streamlined process has successfully delivered 90% of our orders within 3 weeks.