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We have the best selection of custom mattresses available anywhere. They are hand built to fit beds with sizes of 24-80 inches wide and 40-90 inches long. We even make a mattress bigger than a king.

These are great for unique beds such as antique bed frames, European bed sets, cribs, boats and motor home RVs. Please select the size you need from the blue menu above to see prices and place an online order, or call us with any questions you may have.

We also offer custom made sheets in any size!

Custom Boxspring Foundation

Standard Profile Custom Foundation
Low Profile Custom Foundation
Lowest Profile Bunkie Board
All of our custom "box springs" are actually zero-deflection wooden "foundations". Due to the complexity in making a steel foundation, it is best to make a custom size boxspring out of wood. This allows us much greater flexibility in sizing width, length and height.

Enhance your bedroom's aesthetic with our diverse range of custom size boxsprings that are available in various heights from 2-9 inches. For antique beds boasting high rails or low headboards, we recommend our low profile boxes or bunkie boards. These are also best for any bed that has a thick mattresses. To ensure the perfect fit, all product pages provide details of width, length, and height; enabling you to effortlessly plan the ideal combination for your bed. We make it easy to showcase the beauty of your bed by offering all custom boxspring versions at the same low price. Elevate your bedroom design with our tailored solutions today.

You can order your custom boxspring online here, or over the phone by calling 248-636-2428

Common Custom Mattress Sizes To Order

Common Questions About Ordering A Custom Size Mattress

What if it doesn't fit?
We will never ship out a custom mattress or boxspring that exceeds the size you have ordered without contacting you first to check if the size variance will cause an issue. Since these are custom made for you, they can not be returned, so please be careful when taking measurements. On some bed sets, the box spring will be a different size than the mattress so you will need to measure both pieces. Also, since beds are often set up not perfectly square, you will need to measure all four sides of the bed to find the correct size. Be sure to check in the corners for boards or bolts that often protrude in to the mattress area, and order your custom mattress and custom boxspring small enough to fit inside of these protrusions.
What sizes are available?
Any custom size is available upon request but with most models you are limited to being smaller than a King mattress. If you need a custom size bigger than a King, here are some models that can be supersized. If you don't see your size listed, please call us to find out what prices would be.
Can I really order any size and shape?
Yes, we are able to make some of our models in odd shapes (like cut or rounded corners) for antique beds, RVs, and even boats; however most of them can only be done in a 4-sided rectangle. Here is a model that can be made in any shape. You can call us to order by phone, or just select your approximate size, place the order online, and we will definitely give you a call back to discuss you exact shape before we start building anything.
We recommend you order your custom mattress 1-2 inches smaller than the space it is meant to fill. This will provide extra room for tucking in sheets and blankets.
Our online shopping lets you select a model to the nearest inch but most of the time we can even do half-inch increments for a perfect fit. We call ALL of our online buyers before we start building anything. This allows us to discuss your exact size and make changes before production begins. This lets you buy online now without fear of getting the wrong size.
What about the boxspring ?
It is very important to measure the size of your box separate from your mattress because in many older bed sets, the box was made slightly smaller than the mattress. The length and width of a solid foundation boxspring can be custom made to fit exact dimensions. The thickness can not be customized but boxes are available in several standard thicknesses ranging from 2-9 inches.
How soon will my custom size mattress arrive?
Once your order is paid for, a specialist from Michigan Discount Mattress will call you on the phone to verify your sizes and delivery information. Production will then begin and usually takes 1-3 weeks. After production, the custom mattress will be packaged at the warehouse to protect it during shipping to your home. Shipping takes 2-10 days depending on the destination city. The combination of producing, packing, and delivering means that you should receive your custom mattress within 2-6 weeks of the day you order. If you need a more accurate estimate, or have a quicker deadline, please give us a call to discuss expediting options.

Popular Custom
Mattress Sizes

34x74 RV Twin
38x72 Truck Cab Sleeper
32x79 Truck Bunk Sleeper
49x74 RV Full
60x74 RV Short Queen
72x80 RV King
48x72 Antique
48x74 Three Quarter
28x52 Crib
39x80 Twin Extra Long
54x80 Full Extra Long
30x74, 33x74, 36x74 Single
46x82 Super Single
71x74 Asian Queen
66x80 Olympic Queen
58x82 Waterbed Queen
70x82 Waterbed King
71x79 European King

Common Mattress Sizes

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