EasyRest BedTech MotoSleep BedTech ZG-2000 adjustable bed frame is very special because it is the only model available as a one piece king. This unique feature allows it to merge luxury features with affordable prices.

Adjustable Foundation Base

adjustable one piece king bed

ZG2000 Bed Frame

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$1500$ 1249
$1600$ 1299
$2000$ 1599
$3000$ 2449

White Glove Set Up $99

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This is a very large and heavy bed base. Contact us about delivery requirements

BedTech has unveiled the newest innovation to hit the bedding market: The one piece king size adjustable foundation. The one piece king is much more affordable than the split configuration because you are buying only 1 base and mattress instead of 2 of everything. The only downside is that you lose the ability to independently adjust the sleeping position for each side of the bed.

Whisper quiet powerful motor with 800 pounds of lift. Push button power up to raise or lower the head or foot, plus a gravity down safety feature will still work even if the electricity is out. All electronics are UL and CE certified.

Wireless backlit remote has memory to store your 2 favorite positions and 4 preset positions: TV Mode, zero gravity, anti-snore, and flat.

USB Charging Ports there are 2 backlit USB ports on each side of the frame, located near the head, so you can easily plug in your phones and tables to charge while you lounge or sleep in bed.

how to assemble metal frame quickly Easy assembly from box to bed in less than 30 minutes. The frame comes partially built but needs some light assembly. All you must do is remove it from the box, attach the legs, and install the batteries.

footboard kit pieces An optional bracket kit can be used to attach a headboard.