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A few of our most popular mattress models are featured below but to see all of your options in an RV Twin (34"x74") custom size, click the "View More" arrow at bottom. You'll see that we have low cost, high quality inner spring unit, foam and memory foam mattresses available for your recreational vehicle (or other need) by makers like: Spring Air Mattress, Symbol Mattress, Corsicana Bedding and Restonic. From plush to firm and everything in between, we're positive that we have the perfect mattress for you. (As you will see, we even carry double pillow top mattresses and flippable two-sided models!) For your convenience, we've made all of these mattresses sortable on the page by levels of firmness and also by what they are made of. (inner spring units, foam mattresses and even memory foam mattresses). If you have any questions or inquiries, we're here to assist you in a way that makes custom mattress shopping seem like a recreational activity. Click the pictures to view more detailed specifications of each mattress and warranty information.

Your custom RV, camper or antique order includes free delivery to 48 states in the US. As stated on our main RV, Camper and Custom Mattress Size Page, you can save even more by picking up from one of our Michigan Discount Mattress Warehouses and Stores.

If your measurement isn't exactly that of an RV Twin mattress (34 inches x 74 inches) choose another option or put your odd size into the drop-down menu on our Custom Size RV, Camper, Antique & Motor Home Mattress Page.

34 x 74 RV Twin

Free Shipping fast delivery on all these mattresses

$1081 and 10.5" thick

Graycen Firm Twin RV Mattress
Graycen Firm
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$574 and 6" thick

Custom Classic Gel 6 Twin RV Mattress
Custom Classic Gel 6
More Info

$619 and 7" thick

Custom Classic Gel 7 Twin RV Mattress
Custom Classic Gel 7
More Info

$719 and 8" thick

Crestview Extra Firm 8 Twin RV Mattress
Crestview Extra Firm 8
More Info

$579 and 8" thick

Custom Classic Gel 8 Twin RV Mattress
Custom Classic Gel 8
More Info

$829 and 10" thick

Grand Plush Twin RV Mattress
Grand Plush
More Info

$915 and 10" thick

Crestview Firm 10 Twin RV Mattress
Crestview Firm 10
More Info

$775 and 10" thick

Custom Classic Gel 10 Twin RV Mattress
Custom Classic Gel 10
More Info

$861 and 12" thick

Grand Euro Top Twin RV Mattress
Grand Euro Top
More Info

$1185 and 13" thick

Hybrid Isabel Euro Twin RV Mattress
Hybrid Isabel Euro
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Free Shipping fast delivery on all these mattresses

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