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The six most popular of models that we have available for your RV King mattresses are shown below. There are, however, dozens of other options that we have made available to you. To have a look at all of the custom/odd size mattresses that we carry in the RV King (72"x80") size, click here or scroll to the bottom and click "View More >>".

Michigan Discount Mattress is known nationwide for carrying the highest quality inner spring, memory foam and foam custom size mattresses, for the cheapest prices. We are a licensed dealer of Symbol, Restonic, Spring Air and Corsicana. We get your custom size mattress built in a very short amount of time and deliver it even faster! With us, you get home quality comfort for your recreational vehicle and can choose from all different types of builds including: Pillow Tops, Custom Hybrids, Luxury Firms, Double-Sided Models, Organic Mattresses, Memory Foam Solutions, and more!

We have free delivery to 48 states. We have been the country's premier supplier of custom-made mattresses for almost ten years and can help walk you through the process of insuring that your order is made to the perfect size. Below are detailed specifications of all models available in your custom "RV King" size, along with their prices and warranty information. As stated on our Main RV, Camper and Custom Mattress Size Page, you will save even more by picking up your order from one of our Michigan Discount Mattress Warehouses and Stores.

To make your experience even simpler, we've created ways to sort all of the many mattresses that come up once you View More RV King Custom Mattresses. You can filter your custom RV King mattress options by feel and make and, sort them in order by price. We also offer you full customer support so, if you are having any trouble at all or would like some advice or information, please don't hesitate to call us!

72 x 80 RV King

Free Shipping fast delivery on all these mattresses

$760 and 6" thick

Custom Coach Poly 6 King RV Mattress
Custom Coach Poly 6
More Info

$1043 and 7" thick

Custom Classic Gel 7 King RV Mattress
Custom Classic Gel 7
More Info

$1229 and 10" thick

Custom Classic Gel 10 King RV Mattress
Custom Classic Gel 10
More Info

$1103 and 8" thick

Crestview Extra Firm 8 King RV Mattress
Crestview Extra Firm 8
More Info

$1385 and 10" thick

Grand Plush King RV Mattress
Grand Plush
More Info

$1411 and 12" thick

Grand Euro Top King RV Mattress
Grand Euro Top
More Info

$1614 and 11.5" thick

Calla Firm Double Sided King RV Mattress
Calla Firm Double Sided
More Info

$2176 and 9" thick

More Info

$1825 and 11.25" thick

Graycen DS Plush King RV Mattress
Graycen DS Plush
More Info

$1899 and 12" thick

Four Seasons Crystal King RV Mattress
Four Seasons Crystal
More Info

$2320 and 15" thick

Aubree Hybrid Luxe King RV Mattress
Aubree Hybrid Luxe
More Info

Free Shipping fast delivery on all these mattresses

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