Olympic Queen Expanded Extra Wide Custom Mattress with Free Shipping

Half a Foot of Extra Space! The Olympic Queen Provides Freedom and Luxurious Comfort

The "Olympic Queen" (also referred to as the "Expanded Queen") has become a very popular custom size of mattress; it's perfect for those who don't have the room for a king size mattress but who'd also like to have a more luxurious and spacious sleeping experience. The Olympic Queen is 66 x 80 - half a foot wider than a standard queen size mattress! Many furniture makers all around the world are creating and selling Olympic Queen sized beds; we are here to provide the mattresses that go into those beds.

With over a decade of expertise in providing custom/odd size mattresses, Michigan Discount Mattress has the widest variety of Olympic Queen size mattresses and we provide them with free shipping to 48 states in the US! Whether it's a memory foam, hybrid, poly foam, spring or even double-sided (flippable) mattress you're looking for, we've got it!

Some of our best selling Olympic Queen mattresses are displayed and detailed in the boxes below. To view all of our options, click the View More arrow below the images. As with any other made-to-order custom product, our sleep experts are also available by phone at (248) 636-2428, to help guide you to the perfect choice of mattress to fit your needs.

66 x 80 Olympic Queen

Free Shipping fast delivery on all these mattresses

$907 and 6" thick

Custom Classic Gel 6 Olympic Queen Mattress
Custom Classic Gel 6
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$963 and 8" thick

Custom Classic Gel 8 Olympic Queen Mattress
Custom Classic Gel 8
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$1103 and 8" thick

Crestview Extra Firm 8 Olympic Queen Mattress
Crestview Extra Firm 8
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$1375 and 10" thick

Grand Plush Olympic Queen Mattress
Grand Plush
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$1389 and 12" thick

Custom Classic Gel 12 Olympic Queen Mattress
Custom Classic Gel 12
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$1404 and 9.5" thick

Violet DS Firm Olympic Queen Mattress
Violet DS Firm
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$2176 and 9" thick

TAILORED LATEX MEDIUM Olympic Queen Mattress
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$1778 and 15" thick

Forest Hills Euro Olympic Queen Mattress
Forest Hills Euro
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$1701 and 11" thick

BackSupporter Isabel Firm Olympic Queen Mattress
BackSupporter Isabel Firm
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Free Shipping fast delivery on all these mattresses

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Free Shipping fast delivery on all olympic queen orders

View More >> The above mattresses are a few of our more popular models. Whether you prefer a soft, plush or firm sleeping surface, Michigan Discount Mattress is going to have a mattress that has the perfect feel and fit for you. We have dozens of Olympic Queen size options available to you and we've even provided the specifications of them; all of our mattresses give a layer-by-layer breakdown so that you can see what your bed is made of.

In addition to the hybrid, memory foam, spring unit, latex, Avena foam and even basic polyurethane foam mattresses that we offer, we've even got several options that are double-sided; something that is very difficult to find these days!

To make buying a custom size mattress easier for you, once you've pulled up the dozens of mattresses we have available in your size, we've created search parameters by which you can sort them all. You can narrow down your search by feel (firm, medium, extra soft), construction (foam, spring or memory foam) and then sort by price or thickness to find the best height of Olympic Queen mattresses for you and your bedroom. If you have any kind of question at all, we're here to assist you in a way that makes custom mattress shopping seem like a recreational activity!

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