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Adjustable Bed Frames

Adjustable bed bases offer the best sleep possible. For some, the ability to adjust the angle of the mattress may just be a convenience but for many it will be the only way to cure many sleep disorders such as snoring, heartburn, and lower back pain.

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Simple Powerbase Essential Head-Up MLily Essential powered bedbase

Starting at $399

Standard Powerbase H100 bedtech H100 wired base

Starting at $850

Standard Powerbase H200 BedTech H200 wireless bed upgrade

Starting at $1050

Standard Powerbase Prelude GlideAway brand base model prelude

Starting at $800

Standard Powerbase Brio 30 Leggett Platt Brio adjustable base

Starting at $1200

Premium Powerbase Brio 60 Leggett Platt Brio60 premium adjustable frame

Starting at $1800

free shipping On All Bed Frames
Premium Powerbase ZG 2000 BedTech ZG2000 powerbase with massage

Starting at $1249

Standard Powerbase Navigate GlideAway wireless adjustable mattress

Starting at $1120

Premium Powerbase Grand Comfort GlideAway wall hugger Grand Comfort

Starting at $1600

free shipping On All Bed Frames

Basic Adjustable Bed Frames

basic adjustable bedframe basic fully adjustable bedframe Your most basic of models must be adjusted manually - there are no electric motors to raise the bed for you. These models can still give all the comfort necessary and will save you a lot of money. The adjustment is done manually by lifting on a handle and the patented latching system will lock in place. They are also much lighter weight, so will be easier to get in to the house and set up. Plus, assembly takes less than 10 minutes. Basic models will adjust only the head position, while upgraded units will also adjust the height of your feet. Prices are $250-450

Simple Motorized Bed Frames

pragmatic motorized bed base We also carry a very basic line of powered units. They are very similar to the basic adjustable bases but will have a small motor added to do the lifting. The weight capacity on these models are limited compared to the standard units but can still work for most people and will save a lot of money. Plus, shipping of these models is free. Assembly is a bit more difficult but should take less than 30 minutes.
Prices are $399-599.

Standard Adjustable Mattress Bases

two piece king adjustable mattresses Our standard series of power bases are built to be very heavy duty and convenient to use. With double the weight capacity and the ability to adjust both head and feet, plus preset memory positions, they are a very nice upgrade over the Simple Bases. Their fabric covered sides are also much more stylish for a premium look at a low price. Or, these models are just the right size to fit inside of your existing bedroom furniture. Prices start at $800. call for more info.

Premium Power Bases

adjustable powerbase with 4 bars to hold mattress in place A premium base is a Standard PowerBase with added features such as massage motors, wall hugger rails, and more ergonomic articulation. These are the best models available but still at the discounted prices that only we can provide. Prices start at $1100. call for more info.

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