Common Antique Sizes:
30 x 74
48 x 72 inches
54 x 80 inches


Antique size

custom size antique mattress

Have your mattress custom made to any size.

measure your optional boxpsring While the most common antique size is 48x72, there is no standard size for antique bed frames and mattresses, so every order must be custom made to fit. Please measure all 4 sides of your frame, boxspring, and/or mattress with a tape measure, to know your correct size. Our factory workers can then shorten a standard mattress to fit your bed for you. Please understand that if the model you order contains innersprings, the bed size may be up to an inch bigger or smaller than requested because we cannot cut a spring in half to get a perfect size. We recommend measuring your frame and ordering a mattress an inch smaller than the frame. We can custom size almost any of our available models for you, at a very small charge for the custom work. The more expensive models are usually built with a foam encasement perimeter that allows the size to be a more precise fit to what you order.

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48 x 72 Antique Mattresses
All Foam 7 Inch Mattress $ 632
Fayington Pillow Top $ 634
Davisburg Firm w/TruCool $ 762
8 Inch Freedom Gel Memory Foam $ 820
Comfort Care Sutton Plush w/Latex $ 1108

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No box, mattress only (+$0)
Custom 5" Box Spring (+$195)
Custom 9" Box Spring (+$195)

$632 and 7" thick

All Foam 7 Inch Mattress Antique size mattress
All Foam 7 Inch Mattress
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$634 and 9.5" thick

Fayington Pillow Top  Antique size mattress
Fayington Pillow Top
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$762 and 11" thick

Davisburg Firm w/TruCool Antique size mattress
Davisburg Firm w/TruCool
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